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Implementation of Hot Metal Intelligent Temperature Measurement and Sampling project of Rizhao Base for Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd

On July 1st, and on the occasion of celebrating the 101st anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, Triumphant news comes from the shore of the Yellow Sea- Hot test of hot metal intelligent rapid temperature measurement and sampling project of Rizhao base for Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd contracted by SDM was successfully implemented!

In the afternoon of the same day, on the intelligent temperature measurement and sampling platform over hot metal incoming line of steelmaking plant, three sets of intelligent robots have entered the best state after careful adjustment in the early stage.

At 13:30, Manager Wang and his team from Rizhao base steel plant came to the platform to check equipment installation, commissioning and production preparation. The leaders of steelmaking plant gave positive comments on the project in terms of design, on-site construction, equipment supply up to intelligent commissioning, fully affirmed the excellent performance of the general contractor.

With the command of Manager Mr. Wang, the robot started to walk, came to sampling window accurately, and skillfully unfolded long arm to probe, sample, turn back, unload sample, drop rod, and reset. Successful hot trail run! Then a warm celebration ceremony was held on the site, the leaders of steelmaking plant took group photo with the involved engineer to mark the occasion.

Under overall coordination of Rizhao Branch of SDM, the project department of SDM organized the intelligent temperature measurement and sampling project, and carried out delicate management in all aspects of design, equipment, construction and commissioning. Under the current variable epidemic period, the project team overcame many difficulties and completed task on time in superior quality, which set an good example for SDM 's intelligent information business field and create another monument in Rizhao base plant.


1.  Design stage-- practically based, innovative, optimized and meticulous mind .

The original temperature measurement and sampling work in Rizhao base plant was set in refining process, the refining process of some steel grades depends on smelting analysis results, so It will take a certain time from sampling to results, which reduces the production efficiency of the steelmaking process.

Based on actual situation and careful analysis of the current situation, holding innovation spirit, our company believes that intelligent robot technology can be used to quickly complete temperature measurement and sampling before hot metal enters steelmaking workshop, downstream production can be simplified and compact, which will significantly improve steel output of steelmaking plant, and is of great significance to improve the efficiency of steelmaking plant.

At the same time, the intelligent rapid temperature measurement and sampling project will improve the automation and intelligence level of steelmaking plant, reduce labor intensity, and eliminate hidden danger of close operation between human and hot metal. Our company actively promotes implementation of this project, which has become the key engineering project of steelmaking plant in 2022.

At design stage of this project, there are few similar intelligent projects; the designers have made bold innovations and independently developed a large number of supporting equipment, which has accumulated valuable experience for the promotion of intelligent projects in the future. The supply of automation equipment for this project has been seriously affected due to worldwide chip shortage, instead of stop for waiting, our designers have conducted solid and detailed research, repeatedly simulated sampling action of the robot, carefully considered various adverse conditions, and continuously optimized, thus solid foundation is laid for the smooth commissioning of robot and prompt production of this project.

2.  On-site construction stage--strict and careful safety control, strict quality control, strict schedule management, and strict management for the whole process, to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

The project is of high level automation, in aim of success, our company pays close attention to design quality and construction quality. At the same time, this project is implemented without affecting normal production of steelmaking plant, three channel hot metal ladle car frequently shuttle at site every day. For sake of safety, the owner strongly highlight construction safety, puts forward "life first-safety first".

In order to achieve high standard requirements on safety and quality, project department of SDM takes the whole process control on construction site. The engineer of project department have improved their safety awareness and quality awareness, take safety as the guarantee and quality as basis, make fine arrangements and strict management, to achieve strict whole process management.

In particular, since the Spring Festival, continuous working without vacation for more than five months, solving all kinds of difficulties encountered in construction in time, seriously rectifying safety problems existing in construction, organizing construction in strict accordance with the requirements of drawings, and ensuring orderly progress of the project.

3.  Fight with epidemic, ensure equipment smooth supply, ensure personnel mobilization, and thus ensure project smooth progress.

Since serious and repeated epidemic at the beginning of this year, smooth supply of equipment fails and timely supplement by construction personnel also fails, which has caused great difficulties to site construction. The project department at site have studied solutions and timely report the leaders of SDM. General Manager Mr. Song, Director Mr. Wei of Rizhao Branch, and Director Mr. Liu in charge of equipment supply, have given strong support.

With help of coordination from the leaders, the payment to equipment manufacturers were paid in time, project department made frequently communication with equipment manufacturer for timely delivery by overcome transportation difficulties. Meanwhile, the leaders of SDM as well as project department made multiple communication with construction party for timely payment, construction worker supplement and detailed-reasonable construction plan formulation by overcoming difficulties. Although repeated epidemic situation around Rizhao, construction at site never stop, and basically completed in accordance against the requirements of the owner.

4.  Commissioning process-- continuous improving, hard working until success.

During commissioning, project department and intelligent information commissioning team of SDM adhere to the construction concept of "do everything for the user", kept improving until successful satisfying quick temperature measurement and sampling request from steelmaking plant.

In nearly 40 days debugging work of intelligent robots, many difficulties have been encountered, but we gathered wisdom and overcame difficulties together. Before hot test, more than 50 groups test result have been obtained from three sets of intelligent robot, after repetitive test and various troubleshooting, robot stable operation is guaranteed; since unstable liquid level of hot metal ladle, the robot is reformed and upgraded to ensure that main indicators are satisfied.

Due to complex intelligent commissioning in short commissioning time and prompt yield achievement, this project is appraised to be the highlight one of steelmaking plant.


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