Raw material

SDM has the experience and ability of engineering and  EPC-based contracting for large and extra-large RMHS, and has completed the construction of 21 sets of mechanized RMHS yards with excellent performance.

Main features: environment-friendly closed yard, high efficiency compact yard, intelligent digital yard, lump ore drying technology, multi-station (head adjustable )belt conveying technology, multi-drive belt conveyor automatic clutch energy-saving technology, high efficiency unloading technology, unloading dry-mist dust control environmental protection technology, mixing and pulling belt proportioning technology, solid waste recycling technology.

Environment-friendly yard

Large span steel structure enclosed yard; belt conveyor enclosed throughout the whole length; truck receiving chute fully enclosed.

High-efficiency compacted yard

General layout and belt conveyor system optimized. The inlet and outlet systems of various sources and destinations of the belt conveyor operate independently, while taking into account the common and mutual backup, effectively improving operational efficiency.

Smart digital yard

High-frequency laser scanning technology, real-time accurate measurement and 3-D analysis of large yard materials; stacker and reclaimer, unloading trolley and other rail equipment precise positioning and anti-collision protection system; design and application of intelligent selection and expansion of the process, equipment dynamic adaptation of the instrumentation and control system to achieve fully automatic control of stacker and reclaimer, belt conveyor, blending and proportioning, raw material transport, spraying and sampling and other process equipment.

< 3 MTPA 4 sets

3 ~ 6 MTPA    12 sets

> 6 MTPA    5 sets

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