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Mining and beneficiation project: SDM have the capability of project consultation, engineering and EPC for large, middle and small scale mining beneficiation project. Project capacity we have undertaken include: 1MTPA, 2MTPA, 4MTPA, 8MTPA, 10MTPA and 30MTPA, etc.
RMHS and sintering project: SDM have engineering experience and EPC capability of mechanized RMHS and 50~600m2 sinter machine project.
Pelletizing project: SDM have capability of 0.6~3MTPA grate-kiln pellet project.
Coking project: SDM have capability of engineering and EPC for 4.3m/5.5m/6m/7m/7.6m top charging coke oven and coke gas recovery purification facilities, 4.3m/5.5m stamping coke oven, 4.3m clean heat recovery stamping coke oven, 90~160t/h coke dry quenching project and matched power generation facilities.
Iron making project: SDM have capability of engineering and EPC for 300~5000m3 blast furnace; have unique technical advantage and project construction capability of 350m3、450m3、750m3、1080m3、1350m3、2000m3、3200m3、4000m3、5000m3 blast furnace.
Steel making project: SDM have capability of engineering and EPC for nominal capacity 25~250T converter and matched facilities, nominal capacity 30~100T electric furnace and matched facilities, nominal capacity 40~150T LF/RH/VD refining furnace and matched facilities, 65~150T hot metal ladle pretreatment.
Continuous casting project: SDM have capability of engineering, EPC and equipment upgradation for plain steel and alloy steel continuous casting machine. The maximum strand number of CCM can reach 10 (square or round bloom) and the maximum radius of CCM can reach 16m; main service scope include (120×120)~(350×480)mm square bloom CCM, Ø90~Ø800mm round bloom CCM, (100~150)×(200~500)mm narrow strip billet CCM, (150~300)×(500~2500)mm slab CCM, (150~600)×(150~1050)×(60~150)mm shaped bloom CCM.
Steel rolling project: SDM have capability of engineering and EPC for rolling line with diversified annual production capacity, which include: (Ø10—50mm) reinforced bar production line, (Ø5—12mm) high speed wire rod production line, (Ø18—300mm) special steel production line, (H100×50—H900×300mm) H beam production line, hot rolled strip production line, cold rolled strip production line, steel product distribution center, steel product deep processing center, etc.
Oxygen generation project: SDM have capability of engineering and EPC for 6000, 9000, 12000, 25000Nm3/h, 600000Nm3/h oxygen generation unit.
Utility project: SDM have capability of engineering and EPC for the whole plant utilities of iron and steel enterprise.

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