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Heat-up Ignition of 1# Coke Oven of Coking Environmental Protection Relocation Transformation and Upgrading Project for Yunnan Coal Industry Energy Co., Ltd.


Ignition of 1# coke oven of 2MTPA coking and environmental protection relocation transformation and upgrading project for Yunnan Coal Industry Energy Co., Ltd. was successfully launched at 9:56 on August 7, which is the second set 7.6m top-charging coke oven in China, is a super large top-charging coke oven jointly developed by SDM and PW Company-Italia, adopting a series of advanced technologies such as flame analysis, oven protective machinery analysis, coke oven body VAP assembly, SOPRECO technology, rising pipe waste heat utilization, etc., which provides strong technical support for coke ovens to realize large-scale, green, intelligent and low-carbon, moreover, with technical features such as the largest coking chamber volume, low environmental protection emission index, low energy consumption of coking, tight structure and long life, it represents the world's most advanced technology of extra-large top charging coke oven.

On June 20, The main masonry of 1# coke oven was capping, on July 11, oven protective machinery was installed, and on August 7, heat-up ignition was launched, equipment installation just took less than 1 month and installation duration was compressed by more than 50%. In order to ensure "1030" target of 1# coke oven, we unite together, plan carefully, optimize the schedule, make construction strictly based on drawing and schedule, even facing difficulties like epidemic impact, refractory shortage and equipment transportation trouble, with the support of Yunnan Coal Industry Energy Co., Ltd., together with  China NO.9 Mellurgical Construction Company, we efficiently pushed forward refractory masonry and equipment installation of 1# coke oven in accordance with safety, quality and progress guarantee.

From successful ignition of 2 # coke oven on July 1,  to successful ignition of 1 # coke oven on August 7, this laid good foundation for Yunnan Coal Industry Energy Co., Ltd. for building resource saving, environment-friendly and low-carbon oriented green coking plant.

Representative from Yunnan Coal Industry Energy Co., Ltd. said, they will forge ahead together with construction unit and equipment manufacturers to ensure that coke oven project is completed and put into operation on schedule, and ensure this coke oven project will become excellent-quality project and benchmark project, so as to give satisfactory result to Yunnan Coal Industry Energy Co., Ltd.

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