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Shanxi Minguang 1.56MTPA Stamping coking transformation and upgrading project: masonry & installation works of 2 # coke oven started smoothly

On January 30th, the commencement ceremony of the 2# coke oven masonry and installation project of the 1.56MTPA stamping coking transformation and upgrading project of Shanxi Minguang was held at the construction site of Yicheng County. Mr. Shi Guangwu, member of the Standing Committee of Yicheng County Party Committee and Deputy County Chief, Mr. Zheng Jiaping, Chairman of Shanxi Jinnan Iron and Steel Group, Mr. Huang Shuming, Manager of Shanxi Minguang New Energy Coking Project, Mr. Li Qingsheng, General Manager Assistant of the SDM, and relevant leaders of the main construction units such as China Hua Ye Group and Hubei Zhongxing Kiln attended the commencement ceremony. Mr. Li Qingsheng made a statement on behalf of SDM.

Shanxi Minguang 1.56MTPA stamping coking transformation and upgrading project is located in Yicheng High-quality Steel New Material Industrial Park. It is jointly invested and constructed by Fujian Sangang (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jinnan Steel Group. It is a provincial key project in Shanxi Province and plays an important exemplary and leading role in the transformation of domestic traditional coking enterprises to emerging industries. The general contracting scope includes two sets of 2x59 oven stamping coke oven of 6.73m and the supporting coal preparation, coking treatment and gas purification works, etc., among them, the 6.73m 2x59 oven large stamp-charging coke oven was jointly developed and designed by SDM and PW Italy, with high single-oven output and low energy consumption, reaching the most advanced technical level in the world coking industry.


Shanxi Minguang 1.56MTPA stamping coking transformation and upgrading project was fully commenced on October 7th, 2022, with a tight construction period and large construction volume. At the commencement of construction, the severe epidemic situation and low temperature in winter have a great impact on the organization of construction personnel and materials and construction efficiency. In order to ensure the completion of the coke oven masonry nodes on schedule, the General Contracting Project Department and the construction company worked together to schedule the construction period from back to front, ensure the nodes, do a good job in the double control of safety and quality, carry forward the enterprise tradition of "being particularly able to endure hardship, striving and devotion", overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic and winter, and successfully complete the preparation work for the 2# coke oven masonry installation before January 30, 2023. The smooth commencement of the 2# coke oven masonry and installation project marks a new stage in the construction of Shanxi Minguang Coking Project, which facilitate the countdown of the project's production on September 25th.

Standing at the new starting point of the project, the follow-up construction still has a long way to go. The General Contracting Project Department will take this opportunity to start the coke oven masonry and installation project, and quickly organize the personnel and materials of all construction companies after the Spring Festival in the spirit of seize every minute, so as to complete the resumption of work in the shortest time. Work together with all construction companies to provide sincere service and build high-quality products, and comprehensively set off a new climax of project construction. Ensure that the whole system of Minguang coking plant is put into operation on schedule.