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The First Coke Dry Quenching and Power Generation Project of SDM in Iran Successfully Put into Operation

Due to the impact of COVID-19, international engineering market development and overseas project implementation are affected to some extent. CDQ and power generation project for our company in Iran has entered the final sprint stage. As the first CDQ and power generation project in Iran of our company, the importance of this project to Iranian market of our company is self-evident, the owner and the top management of our company attach great importance to this project. After receiving the oversea task, I felt heavy responsibility on my shoulder and resolutely accepted the challenge.

As the first group of our company to rush to overseas projects, Song Leiming, Wei Baoxin and I set out for Iran on April 26, 2021. With the deepening of the project, the technical strength of the project department was further enhanced with the participation of Song Yang, the automation professional engineer of the automation branch, Li Wen, Luan Chao, Lv Weilin and Liu Xinglei, the power generation experts of Yaohua Luxin.

With joint efforts of all colleagues of the project management department, after nearly six months of struggle, unremitting persistence and overcoming difficulties, the CDQ and power generation project was successfully put into operation in November 2021, and the performance guarantee assessment under the contract conditions was completed. The CDQ and power generation project operates well and has won unanimous praise from the owner. For this reason, the top management of this Iranian coking plant sent a letter of thanks to the CDQ and power generation project department. From the letter, I felt the owner's recognition towards SDM. We have overcame all kinds of difficulties and reaped the joy of success.

The smooth operation of the CDQ and power generation project has won the trust of the owner. SDM is a reliable partner at all times. I am also proud of my meagre efforts.

The CDQ project has attracted widespread attention in the Iranian market. With the enhancement of Iranian government awareness of environmental protection and the appeal of steel plant workers for improvement of production environment, CDQ projects get favored by the Iranian steel industry. The owners of several major steel plants in Iran visited this CDQ and power generation project undertaken by SDM, giving recognition and expressing their desire to invest in CDQ projects.