Steel rolling project

SDM has the unique ability of design, general contracting, startup escort, diagnosis and upgrading of the original production line in the field of steel rolling and steel deep processing. It can provide customers with integrated solutions from raw materials to products and from products to products, system integration and diagnosis experts. The main fields involved are:

Bar production line, wire production line, special steel production line, H-beam production line, hot rolled strip production line, hot rolled wide and heavy plate production line, cold rolled strip production line, as well as steel distribution center and processing center, steel deep processing, etc.

The main characteristic technologies include: high rigidity short stress line rolling mill, controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology for producing fine grain steel, bar line strengthening collection system, section steel automatic bundling machine, energy-saving digital reheating furnace technology, short stress line rolling mill cleaning machine, special steel online chamfering technology, high-precision temperature controlled chamber furnace, temperature controlled slow cooling technology, special steel finishing line integration technology, special shaped steel rolling and pass development technology, high temperature alloy and titanium alloy rolling technology, single line production integration technology with an annual output of 2 million tons of bar, automatic labeling and welding robot technology, water mist dust removal technology of rod and wire mill, noise reduction technology of sawing machine, automatic stacking and finishing technology of section steel, etc.

Integrated production technology of single line bar with annual output of 2 million tons:

Energy saving digital reheating furnace technology:

SDM innovates and researches a new generation of bar production technology. The single line production capacity of the production line reaches 2 million tons/year. The production line has the ability to develop high strength, weather resistance, low temperature resistance and other high strength special rebart. The new generation of bar production line is equipped with advanced technologies such as online measurement system, temperature field control system, remote regulation system, intelligent equipment management and control.

Technology of producing fine grain steel by controlled rolling and controlled cooling

      The fine grain rebar is produced by controlled rolling and controlled cooling. The grain size is above grade 10, which is fine grain strengthening. The process of controlled rolling and controlled cooling developed by our company is based on 20MnSi steel grade without adding micro alloy, which can produce fine grain rebar with yield strength above 440mpa and strength yield ratio above 1.25 (meeting the seismic requirements), and the strength does not decrease significantly after aging; the cost of alloy is saved about 50 yuan/ton.

The following figure shows the grain size test results and metallographic structure of HRB400 steel bar in the core, middle layer and outer layer under the condition of controlled rolling and controlled cooling. It can be seen from the figure that the grain size of the product can reach grade 10.0.The microstructure is mainly composed of ferrite and pearlite, and there is partially tempered martensite in the outer layer of the rebar, with the thickness of 0~375μm, but it is not closed, which does not affect the performance.

Strengthening collection system of bar line:

    Strengthen the collection system, change that the traditional annual output of 1.3 million tons of steel needs two sets of collection system, save equipment investment and personnel quota, increase the finished product warehouse area. It can count and split steel automatically to realize full length delivery.

Automatic stacking and bundling marking technology for section steel:

    SDM’s automatic stacking and bundling marking technology covers automatic stacking machine, automatic bundling machine, automatic jet printing robot, automatic labeling robot, etc. under the MES system of production line, it can realize the automatic operation of the whole process of steel finishing and collection, and realize intelligent production.

Short stress line mill cleaning machine:

    The working environment of bar production line in our company is relatively poor, the components & parts of rolling mill are easy to be dirty and damaged, and the mill disassembly frequency is high. Independently developed one new type of automatic short stress line mill cleaning machine.

Main technical features: environment friendly, high production efficiency, low labor intensity, clean up

Energy saving digital reheating furnace technology:

The main technologies are:

1. Digital reheating furnace technology

2. Regenerative combustion technology (single air regenerative, double air gas regenerative)

3. Vaporization cooling technology of walking beam reheating furnace

4. Comprehensive technology of modern walking beam reheating furnace

Special steel online chamfering technology:

    Our company independently develops one new type of chamfering machine according to the needs of special steel chamfering. It has multi head type of mechanical milling cutter; stable & reliable operation and low failure rate, less maintenance and low maintenance cost, high-quality chamfered surface.