New Technology

SDM is the only company in China with EPC performance and capacity of top combustion HBS in complete set with BF of 4000m³ and above, and it has a new generation of green and intelligent top combustion hot blast stove (HBS) technology with independent intellectual property rights, and 13 patents, which have been applied to more than 140 blast furnaces at home and abroad, accounting for more than 40% of the domestic market share, and expanding to Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and other foreign markets. Among them, the general contracting performance of the supporting HBS for BF of 4000m³ and above includes 7 sets, and the performance of the supporting HBS for BF of 3000~4000m³ includes 7 nos. After nearly 20 years of continuous development, the top combustion HBS technology designed by SDM has created many domestic firsts: 

SDM designed the first top combustion HBS in China – Laiwu Steel 3# 750m³ BF supporting HBS

Independent design and general contracting of top combustion HBS project of 5000m³ BF in China - 2X5100m³ BF HBS system in Rizhao Quality Steel Base of Shangdong Iron & Steel Group,;

China's first internal combustion type HBS changed into top combustion type HBS project - 2006 Panzhihua Steel 2# BF HBS modification project; 

The first internal combustion type HBS changed into top combustion type HBS project for 3000m³ volume BF in China——Handan Steel 3200m³ BF HBS modification project;

The first project of changing internal combustion type into top combustion type HBS in Europe – HBS modification project of ArcelorMittal Poland Plant;

A professional engineering technology company of HBS in China, specializing in technical development, engineering consulting and general contracting of hot blast stove system, has a large number of professional talents in the technical research and development, engineering design, construction management, equipment and material supervision, and start-up.

The production of HBS can reach the following indicators:

Pure BF gas (760Kcal/Nm³), There is no external combustion furnace system, the air temperature reaches 1250℃, the external combustion furnace system air temperature reaches 1300℃, and the gas consumption is controlled at 580Nm³/h and below;

Long service life: the furnace body and peripheral pipe system ensure two generations of blast furnace campaign at the same time;

Less investment: more than 10% of investment cost less than other HBS of the same type;

Environmental protection: CO emission<100PPm, NOx emission<50mg/Nm³.

Ten featured technologies of improved top combustion hot blast stove:

High efficiency low nitrogen combustion technology: the temperature distribution uniformity of combustion chamber section is increased by 10%, and the temperature difference is less than 25℃;

Burner thermal insulation layer: it can reduce the temperature of the outer wall of the air & gas ring cavity by 200℃, effectively reducing the heat loss;

All steel support arm structure of furnace shell: fire resistant concrete of support arm is canceled to save investment;

The concept of establishing the temperature field of the heat accumulator: to change the way of unilaterally intercepting the longitudinal temperature point of the heat accumulator to calculate the heat accumulator, and to comprehensively analyze the heat exchange process of the heat accumulator, establish the heat exchange model of the temperature field, add time coordinates, and accurately work out the key design indicators of the heat accumulator: heating area and heat accumulation capacity (brick weight); 

Efficient intergranular stress corrosion prevention system for combustion chamber shell: to effectively solve the problem of intergranular stress corrosion caused by NOx;

Dish shaped stove bottom structure: to completely solve the problem of rigid stove bottom warping;

Compensation technology of hot blast piping system, with reasonable setting of compensator, pull rod, support, sectional compensation, and reasonable stress relief; 

The branch pipe compensator shall be reasonably set to avoid torque on the flange of the hot blast valve;

Guide points shall be set at the junction of main pipe and branch pipe to avoid extruding and dropping bricks;

Reasonably eliminate the horizontal thrust of the fixed point and greatly reduce the force on the frame;

Low iron mullite insulation bricks are used for the thermal insulation layer, which has good high temperature and high pressure resistance, and will not be pulverized after long-term use;

Stable hot blast outlet structure: the hot blast outlet is completely located on the straight section of the stove body, and is built with composite bricks; Form: the hot blast outlet adopts a stable three-ring structure, which completely solves the weakness of hot blast outlet that is easy to escape air and be heated up, and ensures the long-term stability of the hot blast outlet;

Hot blast piping temperature measurement system;

Automatic stove combustion control system: to increase air temperature by 5℃, and save gas consumption by 5%;

Cold air distribution device: to improve the evenness of cold air on the section of the heat accumulator by 10%;


Velocity distribution on bottom centerline of regenerators with different baffle structures


Velocity distribution on bottom centerline of regenerators with different baffle structures


A variety of oven heating-up facilities are developed for different gas media to meet the needs of hot blast stove heating-up and blast furnace heating-up and start-up in the new plant area. It is safe and reliable, with high degree of automation.