SDM has decades of experience in the design and production management of sintering and has the experience and capability of designing and turnkeying sintering projects from 30 to 600.

      Main features: Annular cooler high efficiency sealing technology, sintering machine deviating distribution technology,  long life fence technology, high efficiency waste heat recovery technology, pallet quick -change technology, flue gas circulation technology, hot air sintering technology.


Annular cooler high efficiency sealing technology

The traditional sealing method is not reliable, and the air leakage rate is more than 40%. The use of water seal annular cooler can effectively reduce the air leakage rate of the annular cooler air box to less than 10%.


Deflected distribution

Relatively large particle ores fall on the bottom layer of the pallet first, while the mixture with small particle falls on the upper layer, with more carbon in the upper layer and less carbon in the lower layer. Due to the heat storage capacity of the sintering material layer, the carbon allocation of the mixture can be reduced to achieve uniform and homogeneous production in the width direction of the pallet and improve the strength of the tumbler strength.


Sinter machine high-efficiency sealing technology

Air leakage can be lowered to less than 25% with the application of this technology.


Long-life fence technology

Pallet fence adopts double-layer structure, the inner layer is made of heat-resistant cast iron, which can expand freely at high temperature and is no longer deformed and cracked, and the outer layer has low temperature and small expansion, while it is not affected by the deformation of the inner side. It can reduce the cracks and only needs normal steel.


Pallet quick-change technology

Traditional sinter machine pallets need to be shut down for pallet change. Yet, SDM’s on-line pallet change technology becomes a perfect solution.


SWGR technology

The high temperature flue gas from the sintering machine is used for circulation to improve the temperature of sintering combustion air. The flue gas from the high sulfur section of the sintering machine is introduced into the desulfurization and denitrification system to improve the efficiency. The amount of flue gas treated by the FGD system is reduced by about 35%, the investment in the FGD system is saved by about 20%, and the FGD operating cost is reduced by about 15% with this technology.

Siemens SWGR technology has been successfully applied in Dragonsteel in Taiwan and Linz in Austria, and SDM, as the exclusive partner of SWGR in China has applied it to the 550 m2 sintering project in Rizhao city, Shandong Iron and Steel Group.