Pellet Plant Project


SDM has the project experiences and capabilities in 0.3-2.5MTPA chain grate-rotary kiln pellet plant, and the pellet plants built by SDM include processes such as raw material storage, automatic proportioning, drying, roller mill grinding (or wet grinding), mixing, pelletizing, waste heat-calcination-cooling, finished product treatment and etc., and meanwhile, complete environmental protection facilities like ventilation and dedusting, and etc. are equipped. The production line adopts PLC system control, with high automation level, and stable and reliable production operation, and all the technical indicators are satisfactory.


Main characteristic technologies include following: 

Bag filter technology in blast blowing & drying section of pellet plant, dust removal and dust conveying machinery + pneumatic dust conveying combination technology, plastic burning plate dust removal technology, hydraulic motor transmission technology, large pelletizing disc technology, dust removal ash proportioning technology, blast blowing & drying technology, and intensive mixing technology.


Intensive pelletizing technology:

The specific surface area of iron fines increased by 300-500cm2/g after roller grinding, laying a material foundation for pelletizing of iron fines. The mixed materials with unqualified particle size (iron fines, bentonite, dust removal ash, etc.) shall be wet ground and ground to further refine the material particles to meet the requirements of material particle size for pelletizing.


Integrated technology of screening and distribution: 

1. Mature and reliable equipment configuration is adopted. Large roller screen, small roller screen, swing belt and wide belt are made of reliable quality materials. 2. The combined process of swinging head belt - large roller screen - wide belt - small roller screen is adopted to reduce the number of green ball transfer and the amount of powder entering the chain grate.



Chain grate pellet project in Laiwu Steel Plant