With over 6 decades of development experience, SDM is capable of consulting, engineering, research, EPC service, and financing for all kinds of mining projects, ranging from 0.3 MTPA to 56 MTPA. SDM has impressive reference list and strong technology background.


0.6 MTPA:        35 projects

0.6—1.5 MTPA:     40 projects

1.5—3.0 MTPA:     32 projects

3.0 MTPA:        15 projects


Main technology features:

  • Water-rich mines management technology
  • Deep underground mining belt conveyor logistics development and transportation technology
  • Comprehensive management technology of mined area
  • New underground dry filling technology
  • Multi-temporal operation technology for crushing + belt conveyor logistics link in large open pit mines
  • High performance mining technology with advantageous configuration of quarry structure and cemented filling
  • Mine 3D platform construction and multi-stage machine station ventilation simulation technology
  • Comprehensive development technology of tailings

  • Project name: Huibaoling Iron Mine Deep Deposit Mining Project of Shandong Energy Group Linyi Huibaoling Iron Mine Co., Ltd

Project profile: the project is located in Lanling County, Linyi City, Shandong Province. The design scale of the deep deposit mining project is 5MTPA and the service life is 23 years. DMINE 3D numerical software is used in the design to re-delineate and assign all ore bodies between -410m~-970m levels within the mining area, and establish the overall mine resource database. The deep engineering design adopts the combined development and transportation scheme of belt inclined shaft and auxiliary inclined ramp. The middle section of underground production is 70m high. The FCM later filling mining method is used for mining, and the automation and intelligence level are gradually improved. After completion, the project will become the largest underground iron mine in Shandong Province, and its belt transportation system technology and facilities will reach the advanced level of domestic metallurgical mining industry.

  • Project name: Open Pit to Underground Mining Project in Wangyu Mining Area of Lunan Mining Co., Ltd. of Laiwu Iron and Steel Group

Project profile: this project is an open-pit to underground mining project, with a design scale of 1 MTPA and a service life of 43 years, located in the hinterland of Yimeng Mountain Area, Shandong Province. The project has successfully realized the cooperative operation and safe production of the two mining modes of open pit and underground in Wangyu mining area, and improved stable and balanced output. By optimizing underground engineering structure and upgrading mine production comprehensive system, our design work effectively reduces the difficulty of long operation lines in the two mine sections; At the same time, the adoption of belt inclined shaft lifting method greatly helps to break the regional barriers of the joint arrangement of mining and beneficiation, so as to reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve environment-friendly scenario.

  • Project name: West Mining Group Inner Mongolia Shuangli Mining Co., Ltd. Wulatehou Banner Huogeqi Mining Area No.2 Iron Ore Mining Project

Brief introduction of the project: The project mining area is located in the north slope of Langshan Mountain, Yinshan Mountain, Inner Mongolia Plateau. The design scale of No.2 Iron Ore Mining Project in Huogeqi Mining Area is 3.4 MTPA, of which, iron ore output is 3.0MTPA, copper ore output is 0.2MTPA, Lead-zinc ore is 0.2MTPA, the service life is 24 years. The project design adopts the combined development and transportation scheme of shaft + auxiliary ramp. Medium thick and thick iron ore bodies are mined by sill pillar free sublevel caving mining method, and thin ore bodies are mined by open space---spallation combined mining method or shallow hole shrinkage mining method; the project is planned in a unified way and implemented step by step. Through practical technical measures, the space-time relationship between hanging wall ore body and deep ore body mining is balanced to achieve a smooth transition from open-pit to underground.

  • Project name: Underground Mining Project of Wangjiazhuang Copper Mine of Zouping Liangzou Mining Co., Ltd

Brief introduction of the project:

This project is located in Zouping City of Shandong province. Shandong Liangzou Mining Group Co., Ltd. is the only copper molybdenum mining and processing enterprise in Shandong Province and the national military raw material production base, which has the reputation of "the first copper mine in the North of Yangtze River". The overall mining depth of the underground mining project of Wangjiazhuang Copper Mine is – 129m~– 1000m, the design scale is 165,000 tons/year, and the service life is 18 years; The combined development and transportation plan of open and blind shafts is adopted, and the upward horizontal cut and fill mining method is mainly used for mining. The level of mine automation and intelligence is gradually improved. The environment-friendly green mine has been built.