New Technology

Large Scale Environmental Protection Coke Oven Technology

Characteristic technology of coke oven

1. Source controlled nitrate combustion technology

        FAN flame analysis model is adopted to simulate the combustion condition of coke oven heating wall, optimize the design of coke oven body and heating system, ensure the uniformity of oven body in longitudinal direction, reduce the heat consumption for coking, and decrease the production of nitrogen oxides and graphite at the root of ascension pipe.


        Adopt the technology of staged air combustion support+large exhaust gas circulation controlled nitrate combustion, for staged combustion support of heating flue of heating wall, optimize staged air supply quantity and position as well as coal gas outlet arrangement , extend combustion area, decrease combustion intensity, thereby lowering combustion temperature and NOx generation.      

      The regenerator is divided in compartments along pusher side and coke side, and the lower part of each compartment is equipped with regulating plate with adjustable size to control airflow distribution of each compartment, so that the distribution of heated mixed gas & air in horizontal direction of regenerator is more reasonable, and the airflow distribution in horizontal direction of heating wall is more uniform, which is conducive to the uniformity of horizontal direction heating for coke oven.


2. Characteristic technology of coke oven - low consumption coking technology

Optimize combustion system:

      The combustion system model is optimized, in the whole coking process, the highest thermal efficiency is achieved, the standard heating flue temperature is 30~40℃ lower than other domestic oven, and oven top space temperature is controlled at about 820℃.

      Thin oven wall technology

     The heating wall adopts thin oven wall, which has good thermal conductivity and high thermal efficiency, reducing energy consumption of coke oven heating, reducing heating flue temperature, and reducing production of nitrogen oxides from the source.

      Reasonable taper of coking chamber:

     Reasonable taper design of coking chamber reduces the abrasion towards oven wall during coke pushing process, enhances service life of oven body, decrease current for coke pushing, and reduce power energy consumption.

3. Characteristic technology of coke oven - tight furnace structure and long service life

      VAP full simulation technology is adopted for oven design, through 3D simulation and accurate design, to realize optimization design of coke oven body structure, and tight and reasonable oven body structure is to avoid oven body leakage;

      The designed limit side load of oven wall is above 12kPa, oven body is with high strength, so the service life of coke oven is long; the height of brick layer is designed to be high, then the number of horizontal brick joints is less, so the tightness of oven body is improved;

      The upper and lower parts of regenerator as well as oven top, are bricked with different material to avoid masonry crack caused by uneven temperature difference expansion between the upper and lower parts, so as to ensure the tightness of oven body.


4. Characteristic technology of coke oven – anti-deformation multi-section protection plate technology

      Simulate and analyze stress factors of bracing system, adopt anti-deformation multi-section protection plate with good heat insulation effect and sealing performance, effectively eliminate mechanical stress and bending of protection plate, maximally avoid deformation of protection plate, and make protection plate always closely fit with oven body.

      Anti-deformation multi-section protection plate is equipped with ceramic fiber blanket and 304 stainless steel sealing plate to ensure heat insulation and tightness of oven body, and could effectively prevent raw gas from escaping from masonry.

5. Characteristic technology of coke oven - stable and reliable bracing system technology

     BAN bracing system analysis modeling technology is adopted to simulate stress condition of heating wall, protection plate, and door frame and door under heating state and mechanical load, to optimize the design of oven body and bracing system, and to ensure the stability of oven body and bracing system.

      Reasonably arrange number and structure of longitudinal tie rod, to effectively protect oven body; due to difference performance of refractory from different manufacturers, the expansion force might be too large, so that might cause excessive expansion of pinion wall, reasonable number of tie rod and reasonable tonnage of spring will make the displacement control of pinion wall more reliable.

6. Characteristic technology of coke oven - single oven pressure control technology 

      SOPRECO system automatically regulates the pressure of each coking chamber, to realize enough suction of collecting main on coking chamber under negative pressure operation during coal charging and coking process, so that the pressure in coking chamber is not too high, so as to ensure no escape of the raw gas, and at the end of coking, there is no negative pressure in coking chamber, so that excessive pressure in coking chamber which cause door smoking, will be avoided, air suction of coking chamber due to negative pressure which may affect service life and cause oven leakage because of air mix, will be avoided; in addition, high-pressure ammonia water or steam injection for smoke suppression is replaced, charging emission control system is eliminated to realize smokeless coal charging.


7. Characteristic technology of coke oven - asymmetric flue technology

      The waste gas box and flue are arranged at coke side, and mixed gas & air lead device are arranged at pusher side, which is convenient to regulate gas flow and air flow of each heating flue from pusher side to coke side, and is convenient for waste gas exhaust, and is conducive to horizontal heating uniformity of coke oven.


8. Characteristic technology of coke oven – coke oven machine intelligent management technology 

       Coke oven machine operation management system adopts code positioning+wireless data communication technology. Alignment accuracy is ± 2mm; Wireless communication sub-stations are set up on coke pusher, coke guide, locomotive and coal charger, main station is set up in main control room to realize wireless networking communication, and to complete data exchange between coke oven machines and between coke discharging dedusting station and pusher side dedusting station. The intelligent operation management system of coke oven machine realizes automatic production operation and computer production management, and achieves the intelligent goal of "manned monitoring, fully automatic operation" of coke oven machine, further strengthen coke oven machine intelligent management technology and to achieve the "unmanned" management goal.

9. Characteristic technology of coke oven - coke oven level 2 automation technology

      Coke oven level 2 automation system is a set of coke oven combustion model control and production optimization system, is integrated with mathematical model and supervision & guidance functions, has the functions of coke oven automatic heating regulation and control, coking process monitoring, coal charging and coke pushing plan preparation and coordination, and data communication with level 1 automation system and other computer systems. The results are as follows:

      1) Improve the stability, safety and productivity of coke oven operation;

      2) Reduce heating gas consumption and coking heat consumption by 4-5%;

      3) Reduce the generation of nitrogen oxides to meet environmental requirements;

      4) Improve and stabilize coke quality.