New Technology

        HIsmelt is a direct smelting reduction ironmaking process and a typical one-step smelting reduction process. This process is to directly smelt the preheated iron ore fines and other suitable ferrous raw materials, and inject pulverized coal as reducing agent of system and heat source. The process flow chart of HIsmelt is as follows: 


Process flow chart


Compared with traditional blast furnace process, HIsmelt process has the following advantages.

       (1)Lower investment cost

 Since HIsmelt does not need coke oven, sinter plant or pellet plant, and many equipment and facilities in HIsmelt process, such as hot blast stove, PCI system and power plant, are commonly used in blast furnace ironmaking process, so that the plant construction is relatively simple. In addition, due to the flexible raw materials used by HIsmelt technology, there is no need for large-scale raw material batching yard, which greatly reduces the floor area of HIsmelt plant.

       (2)Lower operating costs 

Since coke, sinter or pellet is not required, cheaper iron ore fines and non-coking coal can be used, and plant wastes can be injected, so sintering and coking plants can be cancelled, so that ironmaking cost is low.

       (3)Good molten iron quality

      The molten iron produced by HIsmelt process has stable quality, low phosphorus content and almost no silicon, so less slag steelmaking can be realized to obtain greater benefits. 

       (4)Flexible selection of raw materials

HIsmelt process directly injects iron ore fines (<6mm) (it can also be steel plant fine-grained wastes and metal powder, rolled scrap powder, mixed returns and other ferrous materials).

       (5)Significant environmental benefits

        The elimination of coke oven, sinter plant and pellet plant greatly reduce the pollution emissions of dioxin, furan, tar and phenol.

       SDM is one of the engineering technology companies authorized by HIsmelt Technical Engineering Services, and is the engineering technology company that provides consultation, planning and design, and implementation as well as whole process service for the unique set of HIsmelt smelting reduction ironmaking plant in the world, SDM has accumulated valuable experience in technical introduction, absorption and optimization of HIsmelt smelting reduction ironmaking technology, and has formed a complete and mature technical service team, SDM is capable of providing whole process technical services such as consultation, design and implementation for domestic and foreign steel companies. At the same time, SDM signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on HIsmelt Smelting Reduction Technology and Market Development with Shandong Molong Group, who is the owner of HIsmelt technology, two parties established good cooperation foundation, formed contact mechanism closely combining design and production practice, and created open condition for optimization, promotion and re-innovation of HIsmelt engineering technology in the future.



General Top View of the Project


Hot Blast Stove, SRV Furnace and Gas Treatment 


Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony