SDM has the experience and ability to design and construct large-scale top charge coke oven, stamping coke oven, clean type heat recovery coke oven, CDQ and gas recovery & GCP project.

Top Charge Coke Oven: 4.3m, 6m, 7m, 7.3m and 7.6m of top charge coke ovens and gas recovery & GCP facilities

Stamping Coke Oven: 4.3m, 5.5m, 6.25m, 6.73m and 7.15m of stamping coke ovens and gas recovery and cleaning facilities

Clean Type Heat Recovery Coke Oven: 4.3m top charge coke oven

CDQ: 90t/h, 100t/h, 125t/h, 140t/h, 160t/h, 170t/h, 200t/h

Coal Moisture Control: patent technology of integrated coal moisture control & crushing by using flue gas  

7# Coke Oven of Laiwu Iron & Steel Group

Top Charge Coke Oven above 7m

20 sets

Stamping Coke Oven above 6m

14 sets


16 sets

7.29m Large-scale Green & Intelligent Coke Oven of Rizhao Quality Steel Base of Shandong Iron & Steel Group

The main characteristic technologies are as follows:

Coke oven asymmetric flue technology, single oven pressure control technology, coal moisture control technology, CDQ and waste heat power generation technology, etc.

Coke Oven Asymmetric Flue Technology:

By using the characteristics of fluid dynamics, the waste gas box and flue are arranged on the coke side of the coke oven, and the mixed gas and air inlet device is arranged on the pusher side of the coke oven, so that the gas flow and air flow of the heating flues from the pusher side to the coke side can be conveniently adjusted, the waste gas flow can be conveniently discharged, and the longwise heating uniformity of the coke oven is facilitated.

Single Oven Pressure Control Technology:

The coke oven adopts single oven pressure control system to realize smokeless coal charging. The single coking chamber pressure control can avoid the smoke and fire out of the coke oven and improve the environment, the functions of high-pressure ammonia water for smoke elimination and ground dedusting station can be replaced to reduce the investment and operation cost, and simultaneously reduce the emission of raw gas.

Coking Coal Moisture Control Technology:

SDM independently developed a new generation of patent technology of integrated coal moisture control and crushing, which mainly uses the hot flue gas to make the moisture of coal charged into the oven stable and controllable. This technology has the advantages of other coal moisture control technologies as well as the following unique advantages: simple and direct process flow, convenient operation, low operation and maintenance cost, and low comprehensive energy consumption

Small occupied area, especially suitable for the modification of existing production systems, basically no increase in production operation and maintenance personnel

Low investment, 60~70% of other processes under the same conditions

The system is safe and reliable, and has no limit to the moisture content of the raw coal.

160t/h CDQ and Waste Heat Power Generation Project of Tangshan Rongyi Coking Gas Co., Ltd.

Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ)Technology:

CDQ uses cold inert gas (waste gas or nitrogen after combustion) to exchange heat with hot red coke in CDQ furnace, so as to cool and extinguish red coke and recover sensible heat of red coke, to improve coke quality, reduce environmental pollution, save energy and reduce emissions.