Steel making

        SDM has rich experience in engineering design and EPC in the field of steel-making project, mastering the state-of-the-art steel-making technology, and can provide comprehensive and high-quality technical services for customers in converter, electric furnace, hot metal pretreatment, secondary refining, slag treatment, scrap processing, etc.

Main service scope:

Converter: nominal capacity 35t~300t converter and its supporting facilities

Electric furnace: nominal capacity 35t~150t electric furnace and its supporting facilities

Hot metal pretreatment: suitable for injection DeSox technology and mechanical stirring DeSox technology of 35t~300t hot metal ladle

Secondary refining: CAS, LF, VD, RH and other refining equipment and supporting facilities

Slag treatment: primary treatment and secondary treatment of steel slag, deep processing of tailings, slag soaking and white smoke elimination, etc.

Scrap processing: Scrap cutting, scrap packing, scrap cutting, etc

The main characteristic technologies are as follows:

        Green intelligent steelmaking system integration technology, high efficiency and low cost clean steel platform integration technology, converter smelting dynamic control technology, converter deep dephosphorization smelting technology, converter lining longevity technology, converter dry dedusting technology, hot metal charging technology of electric furnace, flue gas waste heat utilization technology of electric furnace, dry (mechanical pump) vacuum system technology, new generation "hot metal-steel interface" technology, etc.

Green intelligent steelmaking system integration technology: relying on the rich practical experience of SDM in the steelmaking field, adopting the most advanced technology and the most reasonable process flow, provide customers with world-class green steel plants and intelligent steel plants.

High efficiency and low cost clean steel platform integration technology: through the whole process fine design, to create high efficiency and low cost clean steel production platform for customers.

Converter smelting dynamic control technology: adopt the most advanced technical means to realize converter smelting dynamic control and "one-click" intelligent steel making, improve converter automation control level, reduce raw material consumption and shorten smelting cycle.

Deep dephosphorization smelting technology of converter: adopt double converter or single furnace double slag technology to smelt low phosphorus and ultra-low phosphorus steel, realize less slag smelting and reduce production cost.

Converter lining longevity technology: comprehensive masonry, slag splashing for protection of converter, lining monitoring, bottom blowing heat exchange and other technical means are adopted to achieve converter lining longevity.

Dry dedusting technology of converter: in 2004, SDM was the first company to absorb and transform the full dry GCP technology of converter flue gas, realizing national industrialization and applying it in 3*120t converter system of Laiwu Steel, SDM has the leading design concept in dry GCP, which can meet the world's highest converter flue gas emission standard of 10mg/m3, and achieve efficient dedusting of converter flue gas.

Hot metal charging technology of EAF: adopt advanced hot metal charging and smelting control technology to reduce EAF energy consumption, shorten smelting cycle and improve molten steel quality.

EAF flue gas waste heat utilization technology: the fourth hole flue gas waste heat recovery technology is adopted to realize the efficient utilization of EAF waste heat.

Dry type (mechanical pump) vacuum system technology: in VD and RH refining furnaces, the dry type (mechanical pump) vacuum system is used to replace the traditional steam pump vacuum system, so as to reduce the production cost and improve the vacuum effect.

The new generation of "hot metal - steel interface" technology: the traditional railway transportation is replaced by truck or flat car transportation, and the "One ladle to the end" is realized at the same time, the general layout is optimized, and the production cost is reduced.

Continuous casting engineering

Continuous casting project

        SDM steelmaking Division has completed more than 20 equipment and plant designs for various types of continuous casting machines, such as square billet, rectangular billet, round billet, shaped billet/beam blank and slab. It has mastered various types of CCM at home and abroad and the most advanced continuous casting technology. It can independently undertake engineering consulting, engineering design, EPC and equipment transformation business for continuous casting projects, and can work with SDM rolling division to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

Billet caster of Yongfeng: 150×150~180×180mm

Alloy steel caster of Laiwu Steel: 180 mm×220~260×300mm2

Round Billet Caster of Laiwu Steel Special Steel:φ500 ~ 800mm

Profiled billet caster of Laiwu Steel: 555×440×90~1023.8×390

Wide-heavy slab caster of Laiwu Steel: 200~300×1500~2500mm2