Blast Furnace

    SDM Engineering has a strong technical capacity in the engineering and construction of EPC BF project, and can provide customers with the overall solution upon individual needs. SDM has formed unique technical advantages in BF system integration, compact iron & steel interface technology, integrated storage and transportation technology of BF stock house & coke bunker, high efficiency and long campaign comprehensive technology of BF, improved top combustion HBS technology, modern casting house comprehensive technology, high efficiency crude gas dedusting technology, BF gas full dry method bag filter technology, top pressure equalizing gas recovery technology and BF intelligence, etc. to ensure that the "high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, long campaign and green" of the newly-built BF.

SDM has completed the plant design of the first Hismelt project in China, the project has been completed and put into operation in 2016, and now it has reached production and efficiency.

5100m3 BF of Rizhao Quality Steel Base of Shandong Iron & Steel Group

1000m3 BF

23 sets

1000~2000m3 BF

51 sets

2000~3000m3 BF

6 sets

3000m m3 BF

7 sets

The main characteristic technologies are as follows:

    BF high efficiency and long campaign technology , improved top combustion HBS technology, BF gas full dry method dedusting technology, BF PCI technology, compact iron & steel interface technology.

BF High Efficiency and Long Campaign Technology:

    (1) Reasonable furnace profile design; (2) The BF bosh, belly and the lower part of the stack adopt copper cooling stave, and the segmented transition technology is adopted for the cooling stave; (3) Closed circulation cooling technology of soft water; (4) Integrated brick & stave i.e. thin wall lining with full cooling stave; (5) Analyzing and calculating the temperature field and stress of the cooling stave to realize accurate design; (6) Long campaign technology of BF hearth and bottom structure; (7) Improve the furnace body detection and automatic control, synchronously configure the blast furnace expert system to improve the control and management level of furnace condition.

Improved Top Combustion HBS Technology:

    In 2001, the Kalugin top combustion hot blast stove technology was introduced for the first time in China, which was successfully applied to blast furnace production practice after absorption and improvement, and the first set of top combustion hot blast stove in China was designed ( 3# 750m3BF of Laiwu Iron & Steel Group). With 6 invention patents and 9 utility model patents, SDM has formed the most advanced and reliable top combustion hot blast stove technology with independent intellectual property rights, which is featured with high blast temperature, low investment and long service life. Its market share reached 40%, ranking first steadily.

BF Gas Full dry Method Dedusting Technology

    In 2003, the full dry method dedusting technology for blast furnace gas was applied to the large & medium scale blast furnaces for the first time in Laiwu Iron & Steel Group, which promoted the wide application within the whole industry. It is featured with less investment, less land occupation and less energy consumption.

BF PCI technology:

    In 2005, the blast furnace PCI technology developed by SDM was successfully applied to the blast furnace of Yinshan Section Steel Company of Laiwu Iron & Steel Group, which solved the technical problem of blast furnace pulverized coal injection, which is the first case in China. After the project was put into production, the blast furnace operation was stable and smooth, the coke ratio was significantly reduced, the risk of coal injection system was greatly reduced, and the system was more energy-saving.

1460m3 BF of Shiheng Special Steel Group 

Hismelt of Shandong Merong Iron and Steel Plant

Compact Iron & Steel Interface Technology:

        The hot metal of blast furnace is transported by truck with one ladle to the end, which greatly shortens the transportation distance between hot metal and molten steel. This technology application in 5100m3 BF of Rizhao Quality Steel Base of Shandong Iron & Steel Group is with good effect.

5100m3 BF of Rizhao Quality Steel Base of Shandong Iron & Steel Group