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EPC project of dust nuisance inhibiting project of scrap yard,Tianjin Pipe Corporation——The first rigid frame beam is hoisted smoothly

    In the early spring, it is still chilly, but the construction site of the Tianguan scrap yard is full of cranes. At 11:08 a.m. on February 13, the lifting ceremony of the first rigid frame beam of the EPC general contracting project of the steel scrap yard dust nuisance project (plant) of Tianguan Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was EPC contracted by SDM, was held as scheduled.


    The deputy director of the steelmaking plant of the Tianguan Company, Mr. Wangchao, announced the official lifting, and the heads of the equipment department, safety and environmental protection department, steelmaking plant, furnace charge department and other departments of the construction agent attended the lifting ceremony of the first rigid frame beam.

    The dust nuisance project of Tianguan steel scrap yard is an unconventional industrial upgradation project. At the bidding stage, with the joint efforts of SDM Tianjin Branch and the Steel Structure Architecture Consulting Design and Research Institute, we creatively put forward the plan of wrapping the original concrete trestle column with square tube lattice four-limb steel column and crossing the existing crane beam on the steel column to minimize the workload of on-site reinforcement and modification and effectively avoid the uncertainties of reinforcement and modification, which not only ensures the structural safety and investment economy, but also avoids the heavy restrictions in the bidding document, Finally, the bid was successfully won with the first score of the commercial bid and the first score of the technical bid.

    After the commencement of the project, the project department will skillfully combine the construction drawing with the actual situation on the site, based on the purpose of ensuring the integrity and independent operation of the original trestle system, and overcome many key and difficult points of the modification. For example, the old short column of the bearing platform, the steel column through the brake plate, the diagonal bar through the web of the crane beam and avoiding obstacles such as the cable bridge, and the large-span roof truss beam are hoisted outside the span. Each node is planned in advance, and the engineering intent is fully implemented during site construction, so as to achieve structural safety, reliable quality, controllable progress, and economic rationality.


    The smooth lifting of the first rigid frame beam officially kicked off the steel structure installation, marking that the on-site steel structure installation successfully entered the flow process stage, which can not be separated from the help and support of the company top management and colleagues. The project department will anchor the commissioning target data of 30th of April project, strive to set off a new climax of construction, work with the construction agent to reverse the construction period, strive to maintain the nodes, do a good job of safety, quality, progress and cost control, overcome various adverse factors, and ensure that the project is put into use on schedule.