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Heating-up of 1# Coke Oven of Coking Plant Environment Protection Relocation and Upgrading Project of Yunnan Coal Energy Co., Ltd.

At 9:56 on August 7, 1# coke oven of 2MTPA coking environmental protection relocation and upgrading project of Yunnan Coal Energy Co., Ltd. got successfully ignited for heating-up. As the second 7.6m top-charging coke oven in China, it is jointly developed by Shandong Province Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd. (SDM) and PW Company in Italy, adopting a series of advanced technologies, such as flame analysis, armor analysis, coke oven body VAP assembly, SOPRECO pressure regulation, riser waste heat utilization, etc., which provides strong technical support for the realization of large-scale, green, intelligent and low-carbon coke oven. This coke oven has the technical characteristics of the largest single chamber volume, low environmental emission index, low coking energy consumption, tight structure and long life, which represents the world's most advanced super-large scale top-charging coke oven.

Main body masonry of 1# coke oven was finished on June 20. The installation of iron parts started on July 11, and ignition for heating-up was done on August 7. The equipment installation took less than one month; the installation duration was reduced by more than 50%. In order to ensure smooth coke discharging schedule of "1030" 1# coke oven, we united, carefully planned, optimized construction duration, and strictly matched the schedule. In the face of COVID-19, shortage of refractory materials, impact on equipment transportation and other difficulties, with the support of the owner, and with cooperation from No. 9 metallurgical construction company, we put forward the refractory masonry and equipment installation for 1# coke oven effectively in accordance with safety, quality and progress requirements.

Following the successful ignition for heating-up of 2# coke oven on July 1, the ignition for heating-up of 1# coke oven got successfully completed on August 7, which laid a solid foundation for resource-saving, environment-friendly and low-carbon oriented green coking plant for the owner.

The project management team of SDM will endeavor to move forward with the construction unit and equipment manufacturers to ensure that this coke oven project gets successfully completed and put into operation closely on schedule, and also ensure a high-quality benchmark project to the owner.